Social Worker...The mere name conjures up so many different ideas of what a social worker actually looks like.  I've been called a 'bleeding heart', a 'baby stealer', 'know-it all', 'secret keeper' and a few other terms I won't include.  The truth is, I'm just a woman who is finally getting paid to do what I have done most of my life.  
The journey has been a long, winding, uphill, unpaved road.  I've been blessed with 2 incredible boys (of which you will hear a lot about). I've lost 2 very important women in my life (of which you will hear about as well). And I've been fortunate to have some strong personalities in my world. 
You'll learn about me, my life and my world.  I don't pretend to be an expert on much (I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none)...but I will provide helpful (and some not so helpful) hints as a social worker, links to interesting pages and a hodgepodge of life 'stuff'.
I am not politically correct, I love God and I cuss a little (okay, a LOT)...so if you're offended easily, this definitely won't be the place for you.  
My age (yes really)
I've been a mom
Lived alone